“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” -Marilyn Monroe

The Haggled Housewife six million dollar secret word  of the day is SHOES.

That’s right…… this post is a boast about SHOES …….( because on Friday afternoon during our staff meeting) my boss passed out a letter reminding us of our formal stuffy “safety” dress code.  I think it is policy #553  – Article # 32 -Section 6 A -  (Okay…so I am not really sure which policy number it is – you know how much I pay attention to GUS).  The policy  clearly states that closed toe shoes should be worn if you are assigned to a classroom. (which means me because I am now assigned to  a classroom….)
My main concern is I have to have the right closed toe shoes and I really don’t own too many pairs of shoes.  Most of the shoes I wear are actually Kayla’s shoes because we have the same size foot. (lucky me)… So for stepping out and conquering the world shoes…. I can only choose between my pink flip flop slippers ( which are open toe shoes), my friend Sue’s too-tight $5.00 high heel shoes (which I bought at my garage sale) ( but they have a peep toe) some semi fancy sandal wedges ( but again they have an open toe) , a pair of slides ( but they again show my pretty pedicured tootsies ) as well as my hip cool macrame beaded open toe platforms ( again not the right safety shoe).
I guess you can see where this post is pointing……..
In the closed toe shoe department of my closet, I do have an odd pair of  COMFORTABLE TEACHING SHOES…. (old fashioned and rubber sole) but I have to wear socks – now socks and capris ( I don’t necessarily think that looks good….but without the socks …I will surely get big blisters…) (”Sorry kids…I can’t help you today..I got a big blister on my toe”, as I sit crying in the corner.) I DON’T THINK SO! ( Definitely not the right shoes…)  I or should I say Kayla has an array of UGH boots ( brown, black, tan, sand and High Chestnuts).  Cozy on a cold winters day but a little silly (even for me) on a sizzling spring day. ( but they are closed toe) I also have a tan, black and brown pair of boots.  I have a pair of rubber rain boots and well as two pair of high snow boots ( with the plastic liner and all) again appropriate when the weather is right ( cold and snowy but since today is high 62 and sunny) not such a a good choice to conquer the world.

Kayla and I share about 6 pairs of fancy dressy designer sneakers but according to policy #553 Article #32 Section 6B – sneakers can not be worn as well.  Even if I wore the sneakers I would have to wear socks with  the capris and skirts ( and even I think it is a fashion faux pau) and (I wear anything wrinkly, too tight, holey, pilly , ripped, as long as it is comfy and cozy and I can move around in it.)
So what are the right shoes for me to wear to conquer the world….  this is the six million dollar SECRET question of the day…. I thought and thought and then it dawned on me…In the back of Kayla’s closet there is a pair of fuzzy slip on clogs. (although I am afraid of them…the falling off my feet factor) I have to scrunch my toes up!  The clogs are way comfortable ( perfect for being on my protected  toes all day) (wink,wink), they look kind of cool in relaxed but dressy kind of way  ( yeah sure) but I don’t have to wear socks. 
There is no mention of open back shoes in the dress code policy so they should pass all of the criteria and I can use them as a teaching tool.  I will let my students  know about the importance of the closed toe and even my socks and blister belief.   Who am I kidding….. they will probably say “Did you get a pair of new shoes…where are your pink slippers?” (If they even notice…at all…remains to be seen…)

Here is to scrunching up my toes and keeping my clogs on …. the right shoes to conquer the world today?!!!!

 (Let’s keep our fingers crossed…otherwise it is a  socks vs. blister day) (LCL)

6 Responses to ““Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” -Marilyn Monroe”

  1. Murph says:

    Ok, does the policy say closed toed shoes “should” be worn in the classroom or “must” be worn in the classroom? I think this is an important clarification to make. If it’s “should” then I say you go for the open toes… Either way good luck finding comfortable, stylish and “safe” teacher shoes! Let me know if you find any good ones, I have been searching for years!

  2. Murph- too funny… even if it says should – our boss wants it to be must… I think she doesn’t want to see our fancy pedicured toes at all. I got alot of comments about my big clucky slip on slipper clogs…not fashionable but comfortable and evidently alot of funny. Everyone is laughing – at me or with me…I am not so sure…Today I am wearing fancy high heel shoes, and putting on my clogs when necessary. (Lets see what happens…) I don’t want a giant blister on my toe!

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